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SMS Gateway Provider is supported by many Telecom providers ranging from Marketing bulk sms to Transactional SMS.

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-: Two Way SMS - Incoming/Receive SMS :-


SMS Gateway Provider allows you to receive text messages online from your customers using a combination of keywords of your choice (Shortcode and Long code). The Keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the shared short code or long code number. When your customer sends an SMS from any mobile number (PAN INDIA) with their approved keyword, the received text messages are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them.


You can set an automated response which is sent to your customer with your approved Sender ID. In addition to automated reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can customize the reply and the received SMS can also be fetched from your remote database based on the Keywords.


We have designed our platform to accommodate huge traffic and receive timely response from the recipient. Below are the features of our 2 Way SMS:


✓     Get keywords of your choice (subject to availability).

✓     Add unlimited Sub-keywords

✓     Integrate Longcodes with applications through APIs.

✓     Send automated response to senders.

✓     Get enquiries from Pan India.

✓     Globally accessible for INDIAN companies & events.

✓     Complete reporting available online.

✓     99% uptime & uninterrupted service experience


Short Code

Format of Shared Shortcode

Type YOUR KEYWORD<space>YOUR MESSAGE and send to Short Code Number (e.g. 56767)


Format of Dedicated Shortcode

Type YOUR MESSAGE and send to Short Code Number (e.g. 52323)



Long Code

Format of Shared Longcode

Type YOUR KEYWORD<space>YOUR MESSAGE and send to Long Code Number (e.g. 72000XXXXX)

Format of Dedicated Longcode

Type YOUR MESSAGE and send to Long Code Number (e.g. 92292XXXXX)




Purchase a keyword (e.g. MyCompany) for shared Short code (e.g. 56767) or shared Long code number (e.g. 72000XXXXX).

With the shared number option, any SMS sent with your keyword reaches your inbox.


Example : If your keyword is MyCompany on 72000XXXXX and when you or your customer sends an SMS with keyword MyCompany YOUR MESSAGE to 72000XXXXX then the keyword, message, phone number, sent time will be tracked on the basis of the keyword and save details to the particular customer's control panel (inbox) or push the information to customer database real-time if URL forwarding (PUSH URL) is enabled.


An auto response from our system acknowledging the data is received in database will be sent to the receiving Mobile number.


Example : “Thanks for your request our support team will call you soon.”

You can also get Customer details by requesting to send in some custom format like "ABC KUMAR" so that both phone number and Name will be saved in Database.



The Post to Web URL is one of most Powerful and easy to configure facility. Using this facility, you could configure a Website URL where the sent message should be posted. Whenever a User sends SMS to the requested Service, the message gets posted to configured URL with 'MSG' as sent message field and 'MSISDN' as Message Sender Mobile Phone Number along with additionally configurable optional fields like KEYWORD, Time, Message etc.. Thus we could easily integrate our website data to this Messaging using any of the Web Scripting/ Programming languages like ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP etc.


Our 2 Way SMS feature is equipped with all the available cutting edge technologies in the industry. Start your Bulk SMS and Mobile marketing business with Short/Long codes. These services are of low cost, as they are very affordable, while being easy to remember for customers.


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06 Jan 2013

SMS Gateway are in Final agreement with new venture to support international SMS

21 May 2011

Our company is now partnered with Many service providers to provider better SMS Gateway Solutions



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